How to get to Nungnung Waterfalls

IMG_4865Nungnung waterfall (May’18)

video of the trip NungNung waterfall

Named after the village name Nungnung, this waterfall located around 40 km from Seminyak and be reach by motor bike in 1,5 hours. Leaving the crowded area of Seminyak can be a little break to get fresh air.

Ticket to get to the waterfall is quit cheap aswell. IDR 10.000/person and IDR 2000 parking (for motorbike). To get tho this waterfall is easy, just use GPS and you wont get lose.

Before go down to the waterfall, you may change your cloths because surely you will  get wet (whats the point going to waterfall if not get wet, right?). There is a toilet near the entrance  (but it seems not well take care with the unpleasant smell).  And bring your own refreshment. I overheard a gentlemen bought a small bottle of coke for IDR 20.000 ( i know its cheaper in any convenience stores in the city).

Recommend leave around 10am so it wont be too crowded when you get there to get some nice instagramable pictures.  Wear a comfortable shoes since you will need to do some exercise to go down and ups to the waterfall. I am not sure how many steeps are there, but pretty much take your energy especially to go up (seems I’m not in the best shape that day).

I spend about 1 hour there ( I mean, took me 1,5 hours to get there) so I really want to enjoy my time. What you can really enjoy is the fresh air, the waterfall and the natures, nothing else. But its worth to visit.

*Video coming soon 🙂

el (May’18)

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