13064632_10209744148028500_4027062511096482910_oGreat Ocean Road Marathon (16th May 2016)

Here is the video: Great Ocean Road Marathon

Here is the link of the picures: Great Ocean Road Marathon 2016

Great Ocean road is one of  the world’s most scenic drive stretch for  243 km road from Torquay until Allansford Victoria, Australia.

There are so may option to get there. My flight was from Jakarta to Denpasar to Melbourne. From Tullamarine Melbourne airport took bus to Southern Cross Station in Melbourne city centre. Took train to Geelong  and continue by bus to Lorne and another bus to Apollo Bay. It was such a long journey.  You have another option if you want to get there by renting the car for example. Surely I will do this when I have another chance to do the trip.

Here you can get the idea how to get there: visit Victoria

This trip was my second time to Great Ocean Road.  First time was  about 1,5  year earlier when I went to Melbourne (of course trip to Great Ocean Road is in one of the list). Yes..went to the 12 Apostles etc etc. What bring me here to do the run because I remembered the Tour Leader informed us who were in the bus, that every year there is the running festival held along the road (at those time, i was thought it must be wonderful). And then .. a year after… I did the run.

1794655_10203413179558245_1937917739_nGreat Ocean Road trip (July 2014)

Was arrived in Apollo Bay around 8pm if I am not mistaken. Even thought its May, the weather pretty much cold (cool for Australian I guess).  Next day enjoy the area while took the race pack.

Oh ya.. I did Half Marathon, and the distance is 23km instead of 21km.  The run star from Kenneth River So we took bus from Apollo bay).  It was 14′ Celcius that morning, so I guess wear some warm cloth to keep warm before start the run.

I did really enjoy the run  (of course took several pictures along the run) and I had one of the unforgettable experience I can ever imagine. Last 3 km of the run, I was run in the rain ( Am I exaggerating?) But It was horrible and fun in the same time. At those time, during run in the rain was just to finish the run and not to die.

It was one of the experience you must do in life. Running in the nature in the foreign country that you not used to. Maybe nex time  will do the Full Marathon or Ultra Marathon?

Well will see..

Here is the link of the marathon: Great Ocean Road Marathon

EL (May’2018)


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