11194438_10206838547110293_7089254808478273010_o.jpgBorneo International Marathon (3rd May 2015)

Here is the FB link of some pictures of my running and what I eat and did: Borneo Marathon

First time visit this island which called Kalimantan for Indonesian and Borneo for Malaysian. In fact, 73 % of Kalimantan island is owned by Indonesia, 26 % by Malaysia and 1 % by Brunei Darussalam. Kalimantan island is the biggest island in the Asia.

This marathon held in Jesselton city or Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. You know, the head part of the ‘bird’ . OK here is the picture to give you the idea of Kalimantan island.

887593_10206826983421208_7063114352782646735_o.jpgSee the head of bird? ok just try to imagine its a bird. And those little blue dot is where to run took place.

Flight to get there pretty easy. So many direct flight from Jakarta to Kota Kinabalu. The flight took about 3,5 hours (wait, i guess there is one hour different between Jakarta and Sabah)…. so it took 4,5 hours flight.

Stayed in dormitory ( I learned to stay in budget hotel from my backpacking trip also from running… since I like to do running abroad and some how its cheaper than in my own counrty..) well .. its going to be in different story..
So I was stayed in Borneo Gaya Lodge. I can remember how much I payed for this hotel, I mean dormitory. I was stayed in female dormitory room with another 3 girls from Malaysia, Japan and Denmark ( of course I know it after I spoke with them).

The day before the run I stayed in different hotel. I cant remember the name,  it was my friend who booked the hotel (yes, hotel not dormitory).  I like to have the comfort of the bed and the sense of not to woke up your neighbour because you need to wake up early.

The run itself, it was started at Likas sport complex and finish the same place. Since the race course was along side the sea yes, yes its pretty much hot (please drink enough water)…

At those time, there suppose to be transport to the race course at some meeting point, but  the bus never showed up. Luckily I was with some runners who were also waiting for the transport. We were waiting for quite long time,  and we dont want to be late to the start line so we decided to take taxi together. Until now, I dont know why the bus didnt show up.

Here is the link of the marathon: Borneo marathon

I am not sure if I am willing to do the run again. I guess experiencing to run there for one time is enough.

But, yes when I do travel for running also see the tourism place in the area. I went to the Sabah festival during this trip. There was the Sabah “Agoh” festival when I went there. Which there was some dancing performance.

11205083_10206831359170599_1349752312372012937_nSabah festival (May 2015)

EL (May 2018)

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