What to expect when you going to Mt. Batur

4f2d253e-4a0f-4b6a-9a18-5275edb37b00Mt.  Batur summit (May’2018)

Here is the video Mt. Batur

So finally after ages I come to Bali in last  4 years almost every mont, I went to Mt. Batur with my Balinese friends.

How to ger there, well there are several option, join a tour or just hang out and be friends with local people and go together with them by renting a car.

Mt. Batur located in Batur village, Kintamani district, Bali around 80km from Seminyak and took us around 2,5 hrs. My friend pick me up around 1 am and made several stop and around 3.30 am we arrived at the parking area in Toyabungkah village. Made some preparation and went to the mountain around 4 am. The hike itself took around 2 hours for about 4 km distance. How fast you can go depends on your fitness level. We left at around 4 am so we expect to arrive around 6 am few minutes before sunrise (sunrise is at 6.20 am… suppose to be…)

But… it might just 4 km hike  but but but but…   I am not kidding it was not as easy as it look like. Especially with the terrains with full of rocks and dust and a stormy morning! It was frightening. So anyway… We made it to the top, but we were not lucky because in the summit it was foggy like… you wont really see anything further than 300 meter in front of you. Still so many peoples up there…

Things what you really need to prepare is a comfortable cloths. You dont to freeze your butt off up there when you suppose to enjoying the nice nature. Wear warm cloths, dont act strong by just wearing sweat shirt and legging. Yes, it help you not shower in sweat while you hike to the summit. But the higher the altitude the colder it is (plus the wind). Wear layers of cloths, and best idea is wind breaker jacket and pant. In the summit average temperature is 16’C, for some people it seems pretty normal and just wear a layer of cloth (Dont forget its pretty windy in summit). Since you will hike in the dark around 4 am, better wear head lamp or flashlight. Each one of you for your own sake. Head lamp is the best, because in some terrain you will need to use your both hand and you will not want your hand occupied. Also right shoes! wear your trail running shoes or hiking boots. Regular running shoes and casual sneakers are not the best shoes to wear.

I recommend bring some snack and warm drink (like hot tea, coffee, chocolate and ginger). Somehow you will exhausted and hungry and thirsty after the 2 hours trekking. Yes, there are several warung where they can over you a warm drink like a glass of sweet hot tea for IDR 20k and some chocolate bar for I dont know how much.

Since we didnt get the luck to have the sunrise, surely we’ll be back.  After all, it was a fun trekking.


el (May’18)





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