What to expect when you going to Gili Air

IMG_6118.JPGin front of the hotel room. (Gili Air, May 2018)

So I went to one of this Gili years ago ( I guess around 8 years ago). Thats explain how old I am now. Well… Im not going to talking about the number of my age but how long this trip took.

I was not plan to do this Gili Air trip, It was just because one of my friend were there already. So I did check online to book the boat ticket to Gilis. I found the price from Padangbai or from Serangan (I am stay in Seminyak area). So the price I found its around IDR 700k to IDR 800k tow was include pick up and drop from your hotel area. From all the process than I did I got info form my friend that she had IDR 450k both ways, she says its ‘special rate’.

One of the boat company/agent that I contacted is English spoken staff (well that was when I made phone call) Im pretty sure they have local staff. Anyway, so I did send message to ask the price in Bahasa Indonesia and I got price for IDR 440k return include pick up and drop from to your hotel. So… i think they give different price for local people (Indonesian) and tourist (non Indonesian), I think it happen everywhere right? local people get local price… 🙂

Anyway, another story.. I was picked up in front of bintang supermarket in Seminyak at 6.3 am, but th car arrived at 7am. So if you have to wait your car/mini van you dont need to worry, they will pick you up (In my case I just had to wait for 30 minutes, what happen to my other friends, they have to wait for about 1 hour). So I  was in the car and suppose to leave to Gili from Serangan, but somehow, according to the diver the boat didnt leave that day because it was Balinese holiday (It was on Galungan day). So then…. took us another 1hr 30 minutes or about 52km from Serangan area ? (when the driver decided to change the direction) to Padangbai.

I took the 11 am boat from Padangbai  and arrive in Gili Air around 1pm in the afternoon. The boat first stop was Gili Trawangan (the biggest island and the closest from Bali) then to Gili Meno and last Gili Air.

Gili Air… it small island not bigger than 1,4 km. Yes you can circle around the island by foot or bike. But I do not recommend with bike because in some area the street is sandy and it was really hard to push the bike (not even ride on it).

So many new hotel or hostel along the beach. The hotel were i was stayed is new hotel (I dont really notice the name since my friend who book the hotel). But the room is typically one room with the Lombok style (sasak if  I am not mistaken).

Also,you can rent the bike for IDR 40k flat price per day. Once you land to the island, many bike rental company in the area of the harbour. I don’t see any single motorbike, but yes I saw one electric bike.

Back to Bali is very easy. Take the boat with the same company (Yes, because I was booked return ticket). The boat leave Gili around 3 pm and was arrive Bali island around sunset. And took the mini bus to drop you to the nearest area of your hotel. They don really pick you up or drop you from or to the hotel.

Overall, Gili Air is the best place if you want to have some quite time.


Eni (May 2018)

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