Third time I visited this city after 5 years earlier I came alone without having any hotel to stay. The second time visit was more proper. This story will be in another post ๐Ÿ™‚

This third trip to Jung Ceylon or Phuket was to participate a running race ( I did the half marathon) with many runners from Jakarta Indonesia. We were stayed in several different hotel. I was stayed in Amora hotel by bangtao beach because it was closer to the running course. Yes, its quite far from city center.

There are so many flight to Phuket, took about 5 hours flight from Jakarta via Kuala Lumpur.

Last week was held the 13th anniversary of the Laguna Phuket Marathon. So it was 3 years ago I did this run and still feel it was just yesterday.

11406421_10207129524984558_7355499361649090486_oLaguna Phuket Marathon (2015)

Phuket temperature is just like in any other city in Thailand. During the day time is 30-31’C and average 24’C at night. The beach area seems hotter just like any other places.

The marathon was held in Laguna resort area, where there are Outrigger Laguna Beach resort, Dhusit Tani Laguna beach and Angsana Laguna Phuket.

Very well organised, and the race was fun apart from the hot sunny day (lucky there were several water station which provide cold sponge for you to get some wet… i mean fresh). Eventho the water will be evaporated not long after, still it was a necessary to have it to avoid heat stroke.

I am Indonesian and should get used with hot temperature. But no, it was still super hot for me that every time I stop at water station I will have two cups of water, one cup to drink another cup for ‘shower’.

But having nice white sand and walk home from the race course paid it off. And just swimming by the beach.. yeahh thats another pleasure.


here’s my facebook linkย Phuket Marathon

Eni EL (June 2018)

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