IMG_9385Kanto Lampo waterfalls (Bali, June 2018)

So, this Kanto Lampo waterfall is my second waterfall I explored in Bali. And guess what,   my second thing I love about Bali is its waterfalls !!

To get here is pretty much easy actually even thought you wont find where is it precisely on the map (you wont find it in google map). But the easiest way is just go toward Gianyar. Once you at the closest point shown in your google map there will be direction to go to Kampo Lampo Waterfall. Don’t missed the first sign!!

I went there on motor bike with my friend from Seminyak. It took us about 1,5 hours to get there (about 40 km distance).

For motorcyclist please be sure wear helmet and have the proper document when you plan to get there. First, its for your own safety and security. Some how around along Bay Pass Ngurah Rai (near the Bali Orchid Garden) there was a Police raid (we call it razia in Bahasa Indonesia). I guess you dont want end up to pay some fine when you come to Bali to have fun, right?

Just like when you go to any waterfall, you will get wet, but thats the fun, righ?

Somehow here is very famous to make slowmo video under the waterfall (you may check on my Youtube kanto lampo or my IG post here kanto lampo

And yes  since you will get wet as well as your phone, make sure you have your phone with waterproof case.

If you wonder how to make good pictures and or videos and you were alone, dont worry there are some bli (brother) local people to help you and direct you how to pose and where for a good pictures or video. It for free, but just give some tips as a gratitude thought.

Be careful  when you climb to the waterfall, somehow its rocky surface and pretty strong water pressure and freeeeesssshhhhh!!!!! you wont regret. Best time is in the morning after 10 am or evening. But, I guess anytime is the best time as long as not so many people there.


EL (June 2018)

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