International Bintan Marathon

International Bintan Marathon 2

Video: International Bintan Marathon 2018

The very first Marathon held here in Bintan island. Yes, this island is well known more for triathlon & iron men competition. So, most of friends, thought I just the triatlon (im not there yet)

This small island just next to sister Batam island which very close to Singapore is where you can find the cultural & ethnical diversity as many other part of Indonesia.

I was not really planning to join this race. I did registered 2 weeks before the date, booked flight & hotel a week before (i do mot recommend to), but its all worth it.

Arrived by plane directly to from Jakarta to Tanjung Pinang Airport, Raja Haji Fisabilillah airport Saturday afternoon. Rent a car went directly to Bintan Resort area. Took for about 1 hour to get there.

Stayed in Bintan Service Apartment not far from the race course. Its an apartment / dormitory for staff who are working in the hotel/resort in the area.

Start point at Lagoi Plaza area where there you can enjoy the nice white sand not far from there.

Total participant was about 1000 runners for Full Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k run categories from Indonesia, Singapore and some other countries.

I didnt really have good preparation for this race, i just hope not to have sunny/ hot morning. Turn out, I was so lucky!!

The race start at 5.30 am for Half Marathon & It was a cloudy windy morning until my last 2km it start to be sunny.

For first time marathon i think this race was a success. Took place where used to be for bigger competition like Triathlon & Iron Men , I guess the local people & visitor get used to with many runners running around the resort.

Not so much cars/buss that passed by, mostly yes the tourist.

Enough water station & refreshment. Space full race village where you can enjoy some entertainment & local food stalls.

Spend two night in Bintan Resort area yes can find all those beautiful hotel & villa that will be worth to stay for a weekend escape with your loved one.

Enjoyed the delicious lunch in Treetop restaruant by Banyan Tree hotel & enjoy the sun at Angsana beach while enjoy some beers.

Went to local tourist spot like:

1. Dessert Busung


It was a bauxist mining that turn out to be a new tourist spot, looks like you are in dessert area. Went there on the way back to Pangkal Pinang. Its about 42 km from Bintan Resort area. Very easy to find, you can find by using google map.

Go there early in the morning for two reasons. First, to avoid very hot weather and secondly to avoid group of peoples. Otherwise you wont have your ‘freedom’ to take nice pictures.

2. Telaga Biru Bintan (lake)


Not far from the there, you will find the clear blue water lake where you can really enjoy. But, you can not swim there, no need to worry, you will find some istragramable spot that will make people wonder where you are.

Was planning to go to other tourist spot in the area, but not lucky because i was caught by the rain until when I arrive in Tanjung Pinang.

3. Taman Tepi Laut


Cant manage to get to other tourist spot because the weather was not in my side. But manage to visit the iconic place for local & tourist while you van enjoy sunset (again, i was not lucky). When the weather allowed, you may enjoy nice sunset here. You will find the building (behind) which shaped like “gong-gong”.

Where/what  to eat:

  1. Pujasera

Its located in the dormitory area fort the staff who work at the hotel/resort in the area.  good for your pocket also with good taste. Not only you can find some meal, in this location you will find the traditional market if you want to cook in your own apartment.

2. Lagoi Plaza

At fist I thought it will be pricy here, but it was ok. Farious Indonesian food you can find here

3. Akau Potong Lembu

Just find it in your google map. Its typical food stall in the evening. You will find several local food. When I went there, my friend told me that its a quit because it was rainy during the day. Dont be surprise, if the seller will come you to offer you menu (not only one or two tho)… and they pretty agressive. So be prepared.

4. Eating Gong-gong

Gong-gong is kind of snail, its typical local meal here. There is the trick how to eat it. You will find it how in my video (it was my first time aswell eating gong-gong).

5. Eating otak-otak


Went to local food stall area to have some dinner like a local.

Otak-otak is typical local meal/snack where you can enjoy while you there or bring it home.

One thing for the electricity system/power plug. In Bintan they adapted the Singapore system. Use three legs!!


el (September 2018)


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