What you need to know about celebrating New Year Eve in Montreal


So, I had my very first time celebrating new year eve in Old Port, Montreal last night. After 3 years ago I was here in during winter. At those time I was celebrate at friend’s house.

It was rainy and snowing night on yew year eve, but it don’t stop people to come to Old Port to watch the fireworks show. Also in Old Montreal there was a stage performance too. It says about 100.000 people were expected to be in Old Port to celebrate new year eve there. Apart of the cold rainy/snowy night, i called it it was not so bad. If I may say, I watched better firework show before, so I am ok. Despite the not so fun weather, I am glad went there to experience the new year eve celebration. There is always a story to share right??

Keep the information for the next new year eve celebration reference 😉

Celebrating new year eve can be outdoor and indoor. In winter it might be fun not so fun, but if you big fan of celebrating an even which held only once a year, here are some idea where to go.

  1. a club or 5 stars hotel

Yeaa… it pretty normal most club and 5 stars hotel will have this event. But you might need to spend some extra money for the surchase entry and for the drink. The good thing, you wont feel any winter cold weather.

2. an outdoor event

here in Monteal you can go to Old Port.https://www.oldportofmontreal.com/event-new-year-eve-party-2019

3. at your very own house or your friend

celebrating with your family and friends in comfort. This might be the best idea, just prepare a good music or best with DJ and some snack and drinks. Here is pretty normal to bring your own drink to a party some one’s house, or even bring some for your friends as well. Just make sure you have understandable neighbour to have the loud music.

Option of transportation you can use when you pre-partying your self at home and -not in condition you are not allowed to drive-.

  1. bus and metro

Check here for the bus and metro schedule: http://www.stm.info/en/info/networks/bus

on 31 December, metro is operate 24 hours. No, it was not free when we took it before midnight. But when we come back after midnight, it was free. I can’t imagine how many people will have to top up their metro card. Because yes be patient, people are use the metro more than rush hour here. I think it because the rain, I am sure when it jus snowing, people will really enjoy walking outside.

Oh here is the metro card you can have here in Montreal: http://www.stm.info/en/info/fares/opus-cards-and-other-fare-media/opus-card

There you can all the information how to get where and which fare is suits you.

2. taxi

It might be tricky to get taxi during new year. Booked in advance is the best.

Here is the list of some taxi company in Montreal: https://www.yelp.ca/search?cflt=taxis&find_loc=Montreal%2C+QC

3. uber

This online taxi might be the last option. Since the fare will be double or even triple when there’s some kind of event like new year eve.

4. have someone drive you

This is the best and cheapest. Have family or relative or friend who are not into new year eve party thingy.

Things how to enjoy outdoor party, stay warm. Wear proper winter jacket/coat, because you cant enjoy the moment if you freezing cold. Stays hydrate no matter how cold is it outside. You dont want to have the next day, ‘half dead’ because too much drink (alcohol). And drink plenty of water before bed (and shower too is a good idea).Trust me, you will thanks me later :))

Happy new year 2019

eni El

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