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My name is Eni / énï, (in English the pronunciation is ‘any’) –  “eni” / “any”, anything in the world (countries, peoples, nature, culture,etc) that matters for Eni.

I was born and raise in INDONESIA, a country where you find Bali, Borobudur temple and many beautiful beaches around Indonesia. 

I love running, yes I did some running race in Indonesia and neighbourhood countries like Singapore, Thailand (basically South Asean Countries), down under-Australia and some northern part of the world like Europe and North America.  I am not only do marathon (full marathon and half marathon), but also shorter distance (10k and 5k)
I love traveling in new places to do marathon – or no marathon involved. I am traveling and running for fun. Both are occasional hobbies that need a very well management (time and finance).
To make it more memorable I like to captures some pictures and videos. 
I have some thought that I would like to share about live around me. Usually I’m inspired  by my  own experiences or peoples that I know.

Most of my post will be in Bahasa Indonesia, but I’m using the proper one, so it is easy to translate to any other languages.

So, welcome to Eni world…

Eni El

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