the eni world


Call me Eni ! The pronunciation in English is like when you say “any” and in French is ènï. Pretty simple name 🙂

I was born in INDONESIA, maturing by age and life experiences (still) in several countries & now living best life in CANADA.

I meditate, that is how I communicate with the universe and keep my sanity.

I am occasionally…travelling, running (half) marathon, (v)blogging, creating times lapses video and dancing.

Most of my post will be in Bahasa Indonesia, but I’m using the proper one, so it is easy to translate to any other languages. I am trying my best to write in 3 difference languages. Bahasa Indonesia as my mother tongue, English & French. You are more that welcome to correct my writing 🙂

So, welcome to Eni world…

Eni El

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