Third time I visited this city after 5 years earlier I came alone without having any hotel to stay. The second time visit was more proper. This story will be in another post ūüôā This third trip to Jung Ceylon or Phuket was to participate a running race ( I did the half marathon) with... Continue Reading →


Borneo International Marathon (3rd May 2015) Here is the FB link of some pictures of my running and what I eat and did:¬†Borneo Marathon First time visit this island which called Kalimantan for Indonesian and Borneo for Malaysian. In fact, 73 % of Kalimantan island is owned by Indonesia, 26 % by Malaysia and 1... Continue Reading →

Royal wedding… wedding ring…

Mr. & Mrs. √ėvstetun wedding rings (May'18) Sabtu kemarin seluruh media di dunia tertuju di Inggris karena salah satu anggota kerajaan yaitu Prince Harry yang menikahi Meghan Markle. Saya yakin yang menonton serial film "Suits" tahu siapa Meghan Markle. Anyway... Saya tidak akan membicarakan 'royal wedding' karena seluruh dunia sedang membicarakannya, ¬†tapi sebuah detail kecil... Continue Reading →


Great Ocean Road Marathon (16th May 2016) Here is the video:¬†Great Ocean Road Marathon Here is the link of the picures:¬†Great Ocean Road Marathon 2016 Great Ocean road is one of ¬†the world's most scenic drive stretch for ¬†243 km road from Torquay until Allansford Victoria, Australia. There are so may option to get there.... Continue Reading →

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